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This is exactly why I will never give American Apparel a single penny.

Not only does the founder have a history of raping female employees (some of them teens), masturbating in front of female reporters, harassing female employees, promoting sexism, and promoting pedophilia, but it seems they’ve now gone to straight-up advertising with pornography which appear to be creeper shots.

The above is an actual advertisement they posted on their tumblr page.

I had to blur it out because that is not even remotely SFW.

The original link is posted in the source. I don’t recommend you click it.

American Apparel needs to be held accountable for their crimes against women, and particularly the founder, needs to be put in prison for rape and pedophilia, among other things.

These bastards will never get any of my money.

^ I knew they were a shitty company but wow, some of those links shocked me.

(Source: americanapparel)

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